Crash Classification

Posted by gmower on August 22, 2011 - 12:28pm

Definition: The determination of whether an injury or fatality producing motor vehicle crash occurred on public or private property and on a trafficway (and on the road or not) or on a non-trafficway area.

I'm not an English major but a sentence with 4 ors, 2 ands, and parenthesis should be reworded so that it make sense.

Also if this is going to be added then it needs to be clearly defined with better attributes to reduce confusion. Trafficways can be both public and private property. How should quais-public roads be handled? The wording should specify whether this element is referring to the location of the first harmful event or the unstablized situation.

Are most people going to know the difference between the trafficway, roadway, road, and roadside? These all have very distinct definitions in ANSI D-16.1-2007 that are key to completing this element.