Proposed Data Element Changes

Posted by Tom Bragan on July 15, 2011 - 2:35pm

Updated on September 22, 2011


Attached is a document indicating the proposed data element changes as conceived by the MMUCC Expert Panel.  None of the proposed changes are "final" at this point and are subject to further review and revision.  These changes include the consensus opinion and input received at the Traffic Records Forum Workshop scheduled for August 3rd in Charlotte, NC.  The MMUCC Expert Panel will meet again this fall to finalize the 4th Edition Guideline changes.

Element changes that received consensus approval at the August 3rd Workshop include:

  • C15 Contributing Circumstances, Road
  • C16 Relation to Junction
  • V8 Motor Vehicle Body Type Category
  • V10 Special Function of Motor Vehicle in Transport
  • V11 Emergency Motor Vehicle Use
  • V19 Vehicle Damage
  • V24 Vehicle Removal
  • P1 Name of Person Involved
  • P8 Restraint Systems/Helmet use
  • P23 Non-Motorist Ations/Circumstances at Time of Crash

Element changes that did not receive consensus approval but received support for further consideration by the Expert Panel:

  • C2 Crash Classification
  • P5 Injury Status (see new proposed 5-point coding scheme)
  • P15 Driver Distracted By

Two proposed changes that the majority voted against:

  • Changing the Seating Position appendix diagram
  • Adding "Non-traditional vehicles" as a Motor Vehicle Body Type Category

Your comments on these proposed changes are welcome.


Date re: other motorists passing a stopped school bus

Posted by Michael Martin on July 19, 2011 - 3:37pm


On behalf of the National Associaiton for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), I write to offer thoughts from the school transportation industry about your work to update the Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) guidelines  on crash data collection.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with GHSA on this important project.  

Despite the enviable record of pupil transportation spanning many decades, and the fact that very few children are killed as occupants of school buses, in our view too many children continue to be injured and killed under mostly preventable circumstances when struck as pedestrians while getting on and off school buses.  One reason for this, in violation of laws in all states, is too many motorists ignore the flashing red lights indicating a stopped school bus and pass illegally and dangerously, putting children at risk.  Accordingly, the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) requests that MMUCC guidelines include data collection on crashes and injuries resulting from other motorists passing a stopped school bus.

While this is not an "emerging issue" it has been an under-addressed issue that is a problem in all states. Further, its a safety concern that we intend to elevate on the national scene, working with states and other interested parties.

We  applaud the GHSA for taking the lead on this update and giving us the opportunity to make this request.   We would welcome the opportunity to provide any additional information that may be needed by GHSA or the panel of experts that will be reviewing the content.

Thank you.


Crashes & injuries involving a stopped school bus

Posted by Tom Bragan on July 20, 2011 - 11:41am

Mr. Martin,


Thank you for contributing to the MMUCC forum and offering your thoughts about the problem of motorists neglecting to stop for a school bus that it picking up/dropping off children.  I believe the MMUCC data element School Bus-Related is intended to capture the sort of crashes you describe.  The definition for the element is "Indicates whether a school bus or motor vehicle functioning as a school bus for a school-related purpose is involved in the crash. The 'school bus,' with or without a passenger on board, must be directly involved as a contact motor vehicle or indirectly involved as a non-contact vehicle (children struck when boarding or alighting from the school bus, two vehicles colliding as the result of the stopped school bus, etc.)." The attributes for School Bus-Related are:


Yes, School Bus Directly Involved

Yes, School Bus Indirectly Involved

MMUCC has three other data elements that include attributes specific to school buses: Motor Vehicle Body Type Category, Special Function of Motor Vehicle in Transport, and Bus Use. Furthermore, one proposed change for the 4th Edition is to make "Going to or from School (K-12)" a separate subfield for the data element Non-motorist Action/Circumstance Prior to Crash.